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How to Convert WMV to MOV (or MOV to WMV) on Mac/ Windows

WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video format for Windows-based computers systems. They are compatible with many Window-based applications and devices. However, If you occasionally use a Mac and want to make it workable with Mac-based program or devices, you may need to convert WMV to MOV for Mac, which represents the WMV's counterpart on the Mac.

While MOV is the standard format for Apple's QuickTime multimedia player and works in most Mac programs with a high-quality and high-definition results. One of its big drawbacks is that the MOV (QuickTime) video files can only be viewed by the QuickTime player even though MOV works both on Mac and Windows. To make your MOV movies more sharable online and off, you can convert MOV to WMV, a widely used format for Windows-centric portable players and devices.

Today we'll take a look at Video Converter for Mac, a simple video converter for you to achieve the video conversion task, no matter you need to convert WMV to MOV or from MOV video files to WMV media format. In additional, this video converter enables you to edit and customize your videos when needed. If you running a PC and want to convert WMV to MOV format in Windows, please try Video Converter for Windows.

Here we'll cover converting WMV to MOV file on Mac OS X with Video Converter for Mac. The process of MOV to WMV does likewise.

The first thing we need to do is download and install the right version to your computer (link above). Install as normal accepting the defaults.

Step 1: Import .WMV video files

Click "Add File" button to open the file browser window, browse to the folder of the WMV files you would like to convert, and select them and click Open.

Batch conversion is available for converting as many WMVs as you can throw at it.

Step 2: Choose MOV as the output format

All you need to do next is go to the "Profile" drop-down box and choose MOV as output format, and it automatically optimize the most settings for you. For those advanced users who want to fine-tune the video further before converting wmv to mov file, simply click the "Settings" buttons to enter Profile Settings panel where slew of configuration options well labeled.

Then click "Browse" next to "Destination" to choose where the program will save the converted file.

In addition, if you want to play the target files on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, mobile phone, or some other devices, you can get some ready presets offered to simplify your task. There are a massive amount of predefined presets which lets you convert WMV video sources to device readable format and instantly forward them to device of your choice.

Step 3: Converting WMV to MOV video format on Mac

In the lower right corner of the screen, you'll see a big blue "Convert" button.

After all the settings, now, click the button to begin conversion process. You should now see a encoding bar running as the file conversion begins, along with the time indicator.

That's pretty much it! You've just converted WMV to MOV file extension by using Video Converter for Mac. Undoubtedly, it offers one of the easiest ways to convert a WMV/MOV video, even if you are a beginner who may be new to video conversion.

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